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Whipple Box provides an alternative to expensive facial tissue holder’s. Bathroom tissue is hypoallergenic and gaining popularity as an alternative to facial tissue. A roll of toilet paper has nearly four times as many sheets as a box of facial tissues and costs half as much. The Whipple Box is uniquely designed to store, protect, and accessorize your bathroom tissue roll. Because the enclosed design, it is constructed to be more sanitary then a regular facial tissue paper holder by protecting your tissue from any airborne contaminates. It puts sanitary tissue at your fingertips wherever you need it for things such as cleaning your glasses, wiping up a spill, picking up after a pet, or catching an unexpected sneeze or facial need. Use it in place of your current facial tissue dispenser.

Simply select which product best fits you and your family needs, place it in your Whipple Box, and sit the Whipple Box anywhere you would put a cardboard facial tissue paper holder. It can be easily decorate to match the room decor using wall paper, paint, decorative decals, and auto stickers. It holds all size rolls and there is a wide range of tissue brand products available. Here are a few products to choose from: Charmin Sensitive (with a soothing lotion & a touch of Aloe Vitamin E), Charmin Ultra Soft (cushiony soft), Cottonelle’s Clean Care (strong with extra-absorbent ripples), Ultra Comfort Care (cushiony comfort), or Angel Soft Classic White and far many more.

Facial Tissue Holder & Dispenser
Color choices – White, Tan, & Black
  • This heavy-duty impact resistant plastic tissue dispenser is made in the U.S.A and eliminates the need to purchase both bathroom and facial tissue
  • More sanitary than regular tissue: enclosed base and lid protects tissue from spills, smoke, sprays, and other airborne debris and contaminates
  • Designed to be heavy enough to hold down the box when dispensing for all your facial tissue and paper cleanup needs
  • Impact resistant plastic facial tissue holder made rugged for any location or lifestyle
  • Spice up the look by personalizing to give it a decorative facial tissue holder feel that matches any room decor
  • Crafters will love personalizing it and giving it as a gifts (decorative facial tissue dispenser - great for men, women, teens, children, grandparents, teachers, care givers, …everyone)
  • Attractive Storage Solution, sophisticated & functional , holds standard thru 4x size roles (even jumbo and mega rolls)
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Proudly made in the USA!
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